Monday, November 10, 2008

The Utopia

The sky hosted a drama, a riot of colours , rich and elegant
the sea mirrored it, humming along with waves in sync.
The angel beside me bestowed the celestial sight
and showed me the beauty amidst the maze of cement.

They were colours of life, shades of blue and yellow
the colours of the water, the sun,the fire.
They were in harmony, soft and mellow
unlike the grey clouds beneath, the masks of men, unique and dire.

As I held the angel's hand, bending my head in thankfulness and surrender,
I was told that the divine presence soon, wouldnt continue to render.
As the celestial drama descended inside, the loneliness took its toll
and the scales of balance weighed my heart and soul.

As the shimmering waves turned to yellow,
I looked up and saw the tapestry of gold.
The wavering balance stood still
as the beauty of the heavens, the breaths withhold.

The song of life played as a tribute to the grandeur
as the angelic sounds told me of fortitude,
of the rivers of happiness and love that from my heart arise,
of the celestial drama I held in my heart poised.

As the balance regained, loneliness quivered
Though no angel sat beside, the presence prevailed.
Rivers of love joined the celestine in
The Utopia of my dreams that I now in real create.