Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Bubble

To see a dream in a bubble....

The long cherished dream, a glorious illusion,
at times so perfect, a pretty delusion.
Too brittle to touch and too hard to resist,
like a beautiful bubble too vain to persist.
A burst of colours on a surface thin,
pray lend me some, to colour my life dim.
A picture of perfection, of harmony divine
pray stay with me, inexplicable is the joy I derive.
I see shapes in the clouds passing by,
I strain to hear a song in the whispers sailing by,
So futile are my attempts. Thy perfection is hard to come by.
Won't you stay a while longer and render the strength I seek?
To believe in the perfection of my dream, just like I see in you.
Pray don't break so soon, its my dream that breaks with you.