Saturday, October 27, 2007

Getting a whiff of the rat race....

I had never really given a damn about competition. Term me arrogant or term me stupid,it never bothered me enough to even think about it. But it kinda looms like a fact of life u see....its something like, you love it or hate it but you cannot ignore it. I needed my own sweet time to realize that :P Now that I do,its like I am just trying to get my dues.Trying to get what belongs to me.So I am finally in the rat race:) Look around,nearly everything is a rat race.Whether you want it or not,you are a rat running behind that small piece of cheese in front of you which is being hunted by some hundred other rats around you. At least this is how I see the situation I am in. Whether its a traffic jam on your way or its a stampede or a tug of war,it all boils down to one of the million sub classes of the super class rat race.

All we rats are performing our daily ritual.We gather around same old placement office.... where thousands of rats got their respective chunks of cheese and scampered away to their holes for nearly a decade....and then we surrender ourselves to the mystic sounds and movies playing in front of us....a well planned drama rehearsed over and over again in front of rats in some other corner of the city....then we twitch our snouts when they display the size of the cheese chunk in numbers.Then we allow ourselves to be lead to the acid tests where we are held by our tails n dipped in acid which is not even of the same ph level for everyone.For some rats the ph maybe 6.999999 but for some rats it maybe 0.00000001 :P :D so like this all of us enjoy the acid bath and hardly we gets to shake off the acids from our bodies when we are divided into the "eligible" and ''not eligible" foot!!! oh paw!! :P so the eligible rats dance around for a while and then wait for another round of acid testing and the not eligible rats scamper off hungry to their holes :D this is the ritual. Well I have been in both the situations and I have been hungry and full at times. Yet I am back in ritual because I am unhappy with d quality of cheese that i got:) size honestly does not matter but quality does....I don't want to end up with a revolting stomach you see :D

So I continue watching at the stereotypical web sites with models posing for software professionals, grinning broadly as if they get a 7 digit pay per year ,looking at the corny missions,goals and objectives, and each time I see this well crafted advertisement the only thing that strikes me is the urge to tap on their shoulders and say...Whom are you kidding buddy?:D well its not that they shouldn't advertise them selves but there is a way to do it. There are sensible ways of wooing the sensible folks whom they are so in need of and displaying models is perhaps not quite a sensible way of doing it:) then coming to the point of acid testing and their varying ph levels....they are more of bouncers than issues that can be understood logically.

Considering the fact that such thoughts should occur to me,I get a hint that I might not be a rat after all.Still...while in Rome do as the Romans do.....and I don't think that I am one yet:P:)

Monday, October 1, 2007


Everyday you find some people lifeless and depressed around you.You try your best to make them smile...sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.Here is one about a life just not worth a second glance.

The dead man walks again wearing a mask of life
The mask his only identity,his face to the people.
The mask that sports a smile and a grin so rife,
that people don't bother to see those eyes dark as the night,
those eyes that the mask fails to hide.
Deep in chest buried under his desires
lies his heart ,still pumping blood,though sold to the vile.
Blighted mind of his enslaves his heart
Crippling his emotions,blackening his soul
obsessed with the spotlight and his search for gold.

When I see your eyes,I see death at its best
I see that face behind that mask distorted in your quest.
Bereft of emotions,its pale and blank
Its then that I remember that I had once found it frank.
I had tried to set your heart free
Tried to bring the dead man to life,
but your heart remained six feet under
your soul waiting for the devil in surrender.
Pity is all that you will get from me
As I watch you smile that plastic smile,O Zombie.