Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Queen of Viruses

This is a dedication to one of the most boring lecturers I have come across till now in life....including some PJ masters :P :P I wrote this poem during the sleepiest of hours I remember in engineering.... the lecturer was a very good person but unfortunately her lectures were just absolute droopy-times. She is quite similar to Professor Binns of the Harry-Potter fame except that she used the door to enter the class rather than float around airily like Binns does in the Potter books.
Gundu (also rarely known as Shweta.... and less uncommonly as Twesa....suit urself.... ;)) found this poem written in some book of hers...apparently I use paper only to make boats and play tic-tac-toe.... so, since i ran out of paper, I ended up written in her book :D However I am sure that all of you will relate to some two-leged-sleeping-draught creature whom you might have encountered in your life.... so....Read on.....

Dear old lady wearing black,
Pray turn around and never come back,
for there are networks unblessed by you,
their packets stand still waiting for you.
The sniffer dogs have caught rabies online
The packets are howling ,to release themfrom the crime,
Time has stopped, NTP no longer holds
FTP never works and the ports are never ashore.
Phishing your comp told me your secrets
Proclaiming you as the Queen of viruses
So I pray thy Highness, the dimple faced queen of zombies
Retreat with your army to the esteemed Zombieland,
sparing us the slumber trip you take us everytime to Dreamland.