Monday, October 1, 2007


Everyday you find some people lifeless and depressed around you.You try your best to make them smile...sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.Here is one about a life just not worth a second glance.

The dead man walks again wearing a mask of life
The mask his only identity,his face to the people.
The mask that sports a smile and a grin so rife,
that people don't bother to see those eyes dark as the night,
those eyes that the mask fails to hide.
Deep in chest buried under his desires
lies his heart ,still pumping blood,though sold to the vile.
Blighted mind of his enslaves his heart
Crippling his emotions,blackening his soul
obsessed with the spotlight and his search for gold.

When I see your eyes,I see death at its best
I see that face behind that mask distorted in your quest.
Bereft of emotions,its pale and blank
Its then that I remember that I had once found it frank.
I had tried to set your heart free
Tried to bring the dead man to life,
but your heart remained six feet under
your soul waiting for the devil in surrender.
Pity is all that you will get from me
As I watch you smile that plastic smile,O Zombie.


ritesh said...

zombie is so dead
but these lines, so ALIVE!!

CHEEKU said...

Profound. U should write more often :)

Gireesh said...

i think u lost ur flow in b/w... cos of mixed feelings
u were trying a hide and seek with some incident.... of urs or ur friends ....
just a wild thought