Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Bubble

To see a dream in a bubble....

The long cherished dream, a glorious illusion,
at times so perfect, a pretty delusion.
Too brittle to touch and too hard to resist,
like a beautiful bubble too vain to persist.
A burst of colours on a surface thin,
pray lend me some, to colour my life dim.
A picture of perfection, of harmony divine
pray stay with me, inexplicable is the joy I derive.
I see shapes in the clouds passing by,
I strain to hear a song in the whispers sailing by,
So futile are my attempts. Thy perfection is hard to come by.
Won't you stay a while longer and render the strength I seek?
To believe in the perfection of my dream, just like I see in you.
Pray don't break so soon, its my dream that breaks with you.

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Anish S.Menon said...

When God created the bubble it Him, "Why did you create me my Lord?"God was busy finishing his greatest creation yet and did not answer. The bubble stood patiently shining, shimmering in the soft cascade of light from the Divine Throne. It stood there for days, months and years on end. After eternity when God had finally finished his masterpiece, He turned towards the bubble and said, "You will remind man that nothing is permanent in the world yet nothing ever changes." He slowly raised his finger and lightly touched the bubble, the light trapped inside was free.