Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fearing fear....

Dreams are the ultimate means of self discovery.Dream anytime of the day or night you will find them reflecting your deepest thoughts and emotions telling you a story about yourself which perhaps you would never even have imagined in a brainstorming session with yourself.The following paragraphs have been inspired by one of my dreams.Its not my complete dream but I found it to be quite a revelation.Its about my perception of fear....

It was quite a handful... like a small baby, hissing softly as though crooning in an almost caring way.It lacked the sharp teeth,just jaws,strong ones.In its greenish face,rough yet delicate ,behind its small stubby snout,hidden deep within its sockets swam two green eyes glistening and moist.He held the velociraptor like a small baby in his arms,egging me on to do the same.Though captured by its seemingly innocent features,I dare not touch it lest should it turn violent.He then cramped the raptor in a small cage and took me to another one quite far from the first.
There,he unleashed an older raptor,impish and active.Though aggressive and violent it did nothing more than stand at a distance from from me and snarl at me showing its pointy teeth.I moved on as he pushed the raptor in its crampy cage.
I now faced a raptor as tall as me. The snarling raptor advanced towards me.Ambushed by the beast I backed off towards the wall behind.Sweating profusely I closed my eyes surrendering myself to anything that was bound to happen.
As I closed my eyes,flashing before me, I saw my fear crystallize into the raptor and grow in size as I grew older.When I opened my eyes shocked by what I had seen,I saw a familiar face in the eyes of the beast.It froze in its tracks.Perhaps it finally recognized me as well.It smelled my foot and at once realized that it was indeed a part of me.It was my fear and my fear knew that its master had recognized it.It could no longer threaten me nor hurt me showing its pointy teeth.With the recognition came my realization and as it came it brought a smile along:)
As I smiled,I saw fear fill up in the eyes of my crystallized fear,my raptor.The raptor started shrinking under my smile.Its eyes filled up with fear and mine filled up with tears of happiness.I continued to smile and then started to laugh as I watched fear eat up the beast of fear.It shrunk to a state that I could no longer see.I knew that it was my smile which came with my realization that had shrunk my fear and so I am keeping it all my life....forever:)


ramyasastry said...

fearing fear.. a fitting beginning and a satisfying end :)..i like the imagery that makes things come alive...good job buddy :)

ViRaNa said...

good one... a fear so easily conquered by a simple smile of realization... brilliantly expressed with few words.. :) well done... :)

sindhu said...

ayyo darlingu,am truly amazed that dreams can lead to such brilliant interpretations..absolutely enjoyed the hidden simple,yet so profound :) what a rocker u r!!do i even need to tell u to keep smiling??what the heck,i will..keep smiling :)

ritesh said...

wat a piece !
wat a dream !!
wat a description !!!

too cool,
so detailed,
so alive, yet so simple
so much to understand from jus a few lines of amazing text,

u rock preethi,
the way u overcame ur fear,
ppl can take a leaf from ur book and overcome theirs,

too good
award winning

Gireesh said...

perhaps u shld read a few chapters or concepts on froyds intrepretation of dreams.. i did try that.. understood the basics